100% Proof: DVC mints BTC, Exact Match in Data from Devcoin to BTC for First Time

Raw Data Linked on both DVC and BTC explorers proves exact match for first time ever (Devcoin Block 347,775 + BTC Block 546,925)

Step 1: Check Devcoin Raw Blocks to find BTC Block Match

DVC Raw Block Output (347,775)
BTC Raw Transaction Output (546,925)
Devcoin “parent_block” match for BTC “block_hash” (raw DVC block — source of new Bitcoins)
BTC “block_hash” match at Blockcypher (raw BTC tx — records minting of new Bitcoins from DVC blocks and then some)
Tx on the DVC Raw Block linked to the production of Bitcoins on BTC Raw Transaction.
DVC Raw Tx on top of DVC Raw Block with a “50,000 DVC” output.

Step 2: Connect All Data Between Both DVC Raw Block and Matching BTC Tx

From this DVC raw block almost everything shows up on BTC’s raw tx to match.
BTC raw tx record at Blockcypher for Block 546,925 matches info from DVC raw block at 347,775 exactly.
"hex": "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"



Output Count: 02Output 1 Value: 7ad4c94a00000000 (12.54741114 BTC)
Output 1 public key script length: 0x19 (25 bytes)
Output 1 public key script: 76a914ba507bae8f1643d2556000ca26b9301b9069dc6b88ac (exact match on DVC with BTC)
Output 2 Value: 0000000000000000 (0 BTC)
Output 2 public key script length: 0x26 (38 bytes)
Output 2 public key script: 6a24aa21a9ed072d6af1e1ddfba278cbc8ffc2a04af85f30ef00240e31ec7cc0c68f60eaf620 (exact match on DVC with BTC)

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