Community organizing my thoughts on what makes us uniquely American

Not all baroni were abolished, nor understood in rank, we’re simply out of order

3/18/2021: This article is speculation but an attempt to relate to someone entirely different that people in my circles reject but I have found some seriously cool ties too. And I hope that the message of accepting people you ignorantly…

Deep dive into why this “dot-com bubble” company stock ( is a stronger buy in 2019 than it was 21 years ago when it made IPO history. recalls that TGLO trading began on “02 Nov ‘98” at 17.500000 (what we assume to be USD) — 11 days before the historic IPO that was documented on Nov 13, 1998 in many places. If privately held as of November 2, 1998 — why is there trading data for TGLO at all? Let’s find out…

Wikipedia begins its entry for with information that is commonly known among those familiar with the dot-com bubble marriages of Silicon Valley…

Daniel R. Treccia

I look into things that are meaningful.

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