Bitcoin State Reorganization: Are You Prepared for June 30, 2018?

“Bitcoin is going mainstream” -Vlad2Vlad

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Coinbase is a secure wallet, Coinbase has a crypto debit card in use. Now we know why.
  1. Because only Open SSL patches (1.0.0p & 1.0.1k) were introduced to enforce strict DER, and a single cryptographic codebase was not available to correctly use BER encoding for ECDSA signatures — the quick choice was just to abandon Open SSL and keep consensus from BIP 34.
  2. BIP 66 would allow strict-DER without using Open SSL after it achieved a 95% consensus. This was achieved on 4 July 2015. The quick fix was not entirely a quick fix considering attacks were allowed to persist from BER encoding clients pre-version 0.8 for over a year since its discovered vulnerability.
  3. Bitcoin then switched to libsecp256k1 in v 0.12.0. This created incompatibility issues with any Open SSL clients by creating incompatibility between different platforms doing cross-chain transactions.

Simple Facts to Focus On: Don’t Even Worry About The Facts Above

Coinbase cannot even offer Shift without I0Coin (Ixcoin will allow further additions of crypto offerings)

The Open SSL Patch 1.0.1k exists on I0Coin v

I0Coin is still running on Open SSL 1.0.1k which makes it compliant with PCI DSS v. 3.2.1

If Bitcoin fails to reorganize correctly and revert back to I0Coin, the source of all Bitcoin and Ethereum, it fails as a peer-to-peer and instantly adopted form of worldwide currency backed by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Coinbase is coinbase. I0Coin is coinbase.

I am just going to end this article right here. There is far more than anyone will ever need to realize what’s going on before anyone ever uttered a word of the truth. You don’t have to believe me, but I am certainly trying to help you out. Good luck. I won’t even ask for donations anymore — I have received zero. Perhaps it is a positive sign for 0coin. :)

These codes on the SCT List are similar to ones found in a simple search for Bank of America. Please note the “(Bank of America)” parenthesis are just my personal notes of hashes that look similar to BoA’s hashes I found on the page below and not included on Coinbase’s SCT List.
This txid on USDT block 324140 raw data can be found on BTC block 496529 from a USDT output.



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