Apocalypse LIVE: Bitcoin State Reorganization is Underway (updated)

Daniel R. Treccia
6 min readJun 22, 2018


It spent the coins…

Note: Updated title. F2Pool is inserting blocks with “lock time” in the early 2000’s (2000 and 2001 so far) after the Segwit2x block 528750 fork. The state is reorganizing with appearance of earlier blocks. The coinbase links back to I0Coin. Ancient coins are truly ancient.

— -original pos — -

Pretty incredible considering we found the output address for the new “Coinbase tx” coming from Devcoin. It actually spent the input. Someone signed this transaction. That someone being Satoshi.

AI? Quantum computing? IBM?

I guess we will see.

The output script DUP HASH160 PUSHDATA(20) shares the hash_160 code from I0C we found “ba507bae8f1643d2556000ca26b9301b9069dc6b” … it is still being output in the I0C block reward here:

I0C Block Reward


Block 528751 and beyond are listing “Lock Time” in the year 2000 and beyond… what it means is uncertain — but WOW, we do have proof BTC existed before genesis as predicted here:


A definition I googled on “lock time” but it still is unclear:

The Bitcoin transaction lock time is the time at which a particular transaction can be added to the blockchain. This is the earliest time that miners can include the transaction in their hashing of the Merkle root to attach it in the latest block to the blockchain.

There are two specific types of transaction locktime. Firstly when the locktime figure is less than 500 million it is interpreted as a blockheight and miners therefore have to wait until that block height has been reached before attempting to include it in a block.

If it is above 500 million it is converted to a unix timestamp — a unix timestamp being the number of seconds since January 1st 1970.

A block withholding attack, 51% attack, and a state reorganization is being attempted at every F2Pool mined block so far after block 528750. Take a look:

The lock time appears again:

The miners name is “xi”-chang90… I know that will make Vlad2Vlad happy as he is now sleeping in Romania (allegedly ;) ).

Update: After this fork I did a little digging and found a completely empty block with a -12.5 BTC tx fee attached and 0 block reward. What that means is unclear. But take a look at this block from 12–30–2017. I think the BTC of 2018 (and have suspected) is not the complete reflection of its true “store of value”…. I0C is going to rock the world.

Update: Found an I0C block with a 770 coin output…

The only transaction on this block is a Genesis + Fees tx:

Clearly 0.02 I0C does not match 770 I0C. This is a masking of the actual raw block data by the explorer…

Update: DVC still sending a 12.5 coin output to Bitcoin at the address (“1Hz96kJKF2HLPGY15JWLB5m9qGNxvt8tHJ”) of the New Genesis Block which has the Hash_160 from I0C as well. The two combined are your source of Bitcoin genesis:

DVC still churning out Auxpow to a BTC pubkey

The group that extracts most DVC is called “NOMP”:

DVC is very difficult to mine… very difficult.

NOMP is “Node Open Mining Portal” according to Github:


NOMP has interesting features, and I have never heard of it to be quite honest. One is “Attack Mitigation”:

Attack Mitigation

Detects and thwarts socket flooding (garbage data sent over socket in order to consume system resources).

Detects and thwarts zombie miners (botnet infected computers connecting to your server to use up sockets but not sending any shares).

Detects and thwarts invalid share attacks:

NOMP is not vulnerable to the low difficulty share exploits happening to other pool servers. Other pool server software has hardcoded guesstimated max difficulties for new hashing algorithms while NOMP dynamically generates the max difficulty for each algorithm based on values founds in coin source code.

IP banning feature which on a configurable threshold will ban an IP for a configurable amount of time if the miner submits over a configurable threshold of invalid shares.

NOMP is written in Node.js which uses a single thread (async) to handle connections rather than the overhead of one thread per connection, and clustering is also implemented so all CPU cores are taken advantage of.


NOMP has some implicit security advantages for pool operators and miners:

Without a registration/login system, non-security-oriented miners reusing passwords across pools is no longer a concern.

Automated payouts by default and pool profits are sent to another address so pool wallets aren’t plump with coins — giving hackers little reward and keeping your pool from being a target.

Miners can notice lack of automated payments as a possible early warning sign that an operator is about to run off with their coins.

Is Bitcoin under attack? Will this save Bitcoin and reward I0Coin for waiting in the wings?

Update: Google honors SciFi author Octavia E. Butler today

Octavia E. Butler

CNN wrote an article on her today as well, here is a quote on her work:

“Political and social justice activists in particular are taking an interest in her work for the way it intertwines themes of racism, misogyny and class struggles with alien abduction, time travel and parallel universes.”

Is Bitcoin time traveling? Satoshi is rumored to be time traveling with the report of the new genesis block in the header of this feed. Take a look:

Seems like a really odd coincidence. Vocal Bitcointalk.org member and IXC dev/I0C enthusiast Vlad2Vlad was recently, in the “future” as well:

Tools, we are headed into the future today…

XIC = I0C and IXC combined. 42 million.

A quote from a very interesting and informative website called Timeguide:

42 is 101010 in binary, and in base 13, 6 x 9 = 42, 42 is the wildcard symbol * in ASCII etc.

Saturday Updates:

Ever been to https://izerocoin.org — let alone seen anything with “https” deemed not secure?

The apocalypse has arrived.



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