Devcoins are Bitcoin’s “Newly Generated Coins”

Daniel R. Treccia
11 min readJun 15, 2018

Simple picture explanation, expanding on yesterday’s in-depth post on the topic

READ FIRST — Updated from the Author (3/18/2021):

I’m thrilled that many of you whether bots or not are clapping for this article. REMINDER: I was naive to write this 3 years ago… but I also still believe that Devcoin (DVC) is special for having the exact transactions on its raw blocks as BTC TRANSACTIONS (hint) have for their “newly generated coins” and lastly that Block 0 for Devcoin (DVC) is a carbon copy of BTC Block 0 albeit with a different date, and thus a different tx hash. If you want to compare here’s a good link to our own emfox’s hosted “ABE” block explorer (I am now a A-Team member with Devcoin developers :) — albeit STILL a naive one):

>> The P2PKH is the exact same at BTC Block 0 and the block reward is not the DVC amount (45000 DVC to devs and 5000 to miners), but 50.00000000 which is a BTC block rewards for BTC Block 0 and DVC Block 0  --Okay -- on with the original rambling article that is 3 years old. Also those of you saying I shouldn't have shared this at such an early time is bull. Who knows if smarter and more experienced people in the space didn't take some of this to look further into on their own and benefit from it?

Original Crazy (but relevent) Article

Actually, I found the input for these “NGC’s” and nobody will talk to me about it.


for a very long time ;) :

— — — — — — — — — -

Yesterday I wrote about the original merge mined coins from 2011 and how I found Devcoin block reward outputs being sent to a Bitcoin address 1Hz96kJKF2HLPGY15JWLB5m9qGNxvt8tHJ — click on it and see for yourself.

Basically what I want to get across is what is happening in a simple pictorial for anyone to understand that altcoins are being sent to Bitcoin as Newly Generated Bitcoins. I found the input which and other block explorers will not tell you about.

Step 1: Mine a Devcoin Block, Export DVC’s to Bitcoin’s Blockchain

The address at the bottom is an output address to Bitcoin’s blockchain. Devcoin’s are being credited as Bitcoin.

This is a regular process that I only became aware of yesterday. The AuxPow notation indicates that Devcoin is an auxiliary chain to a parent chain. I explained yesterday why that Index: 0 parent chain is $I0C. The value out is supposed to be 50,000 DVC yet the raw block data only shows a “vout” of 12.543 DVC here. Furthermore those coins are sent to a Bitcoin address. The same amount shows up as “BTC” from “No inputs (Newly Generated Coins)”.

Take note of the following:

  1. An auxiliary chain to I0Coin, Devcoin sends its block reward to the same Bitcoin Blockchain address.
  2. Devcoins are converted to Bitcoin’s according to Bitcoin block explorers.
  3. Bitcoin block explorers claim there are “no inputs” for these cross-chain transactions but that is a flat out lie. The coins are sent from Devcoin.
  4. Devcoin is sending far less value out (12.5 to 12.8 DVC on average) than it claims — its supposed to be 50,000 DVC out.
  5. The main chain of merge mining is I0coin, not Bitcoin. Bitcoins may not even be directly mined.
  6. All transactions with 0 input for Newly Generated Coins are likely produced in mining an altcoin chain. This goes all the way back to Block 0 for Bitcoin (BTC).
  7. I suspect the root of these chains is I0Coin but over time all chains have been mined and switched in sequence to send their own block rewards to Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Step 2: Devcoins Received As Bitcoin Newly Generated Coins

This happens daily… no one says anything about it. Not one person.

You get the point. 108,515 BTC received in 8334 transactions as of this writing. All from Devcoin mining.

Step 3: Use OP_codes to Money Launder Bitcoins Forward to Other Addresses

Scripts push these coins to many different blocks and make it hard to trace but this doesn’t matter..

I’ve pointed out collection destinations for many of these transactions in ETC Block 0, Ethereum address 0x00, etc. while explaining thoroughly that these coins came from Bitcoin’s blockchain by use of scripts. This is what happens at these Bitcoin addresses next. The Devcoins are made into Bitcoins and then through a series of transactions using output scripts the coins are forwarded to an eventual landing point where they are “stuck” — like ETC Block 0 and then to an ETC address “0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000”:

The address is still actively receiving coins but not ETC. The same address on ETH is receiving coins as well.

The received Bitcoins that were Devcoins will show up here as Ethereum Classic. 11,814.84 ETC has been received here. I also believe that this proves a hard fork (chain split) never fully took place between ETC and ETH. That is because the address is receiving coins but not ETC. It is recorded on ETC’s blockchain, but likely received as ETH or ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 address:

If we click the transaction we see an extra amount of data was added “0x” (more on that later…):

I wrote about the 0x Protocol and its Ethereum significance in a Blockchain State Reorganization

So the trapped ETC and ETH/ERC20 tokens came from Bitcoins which came from Devcoins. A coin worth $0.000023 USD instantly becomes worth 12.5 Bitcoins and then becomes worth whatever it breaks up into upon entering ETC and Ether blocks, where they are ultimately “frozen” — this is all planned by Bitcoin Devs and whoever else started the process. From Bitcoin’s block 0, and beforehand.

Step 4: Make Everyone Aware of 51% Attacks and State Reorganization

These articles are written all the time…

If you have read my entries here you know I don’t credit any of these outlets as producing truthful news. I call it fake news. It is a part of the drama to distract you from the truth, yet at the same time to inform you about what is going to take place in the future with Bitcoin.

I wrote at length that a state reorganization would send all of these frozen funds on ETC/ETH/ERC20 wallets and any Bitcoin address with unspent outputs all the way back to the root, or Index: (0). This is where each blockchain started — at address “0x00” … I believe I have presented enough proof in my entries to make this on I0coin’s blockchain.

I also said I don’t believe the “hard fork” of ETH and ETC truly disconnected the chains for this reason. I0coin is a long blockchain, almost 2.5 million blocks total. I have many reasons that I found and discussed at length to believe this keeps these chains connected. Ethereum Classic has even more blocks, but it seems to be separated from its Genesis Block #0. The genesis block is connected somehow to I0Coin, but maybe I0Coin is not connected completely to the rest of the blocks at the moment. The opposite could also be true. ETC Block 0 may not be connected to I0Coin, and right now it is an “orphan” block which needs to be connected again to correct all of these issues.

Think of ETC Block 0 being added to its coinbase (or 0 input source of coins) as the missing link here. Once that happens we will see even more than 2,500,000 blocks for I0Coin to reflect all Bitcoin/Bitcoin connected chains as well as ETH/ETC. Because I0Coin is the main chain of merge mining, it doesn’t matter that an auxiliary chain’s coins are being sent to Bitcoin via Devcoin. The fact that I0Coin is capped at 21 million and finished 99.98% in minting new coins this year helps reveal the bigger picture:

Once ETC is added to Coinbase’s offerings — and used in its Index Fund — we will see the corrected transactions of a state reorganization that links all the Index Fund coins (ETC, ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH) to a common root.

Call that Index: (0). I0Coin is the root coin, and the almost fully mined, non-volatile exposure coin for all coins in Coinbase’s index fund. I believe Ixcoin will connect to I0Coin and make 42 million, 99.9% mined, index coins with immense value in the near, near future.

Step 5: Null Protocol + 0x Protocol Unleashed

0x is how Ethereum will reorganize correctly and free frozen funds to the root I0coin

Please read my previous articles to understand how these protocols relate to a state reorganization. Focus on the fact that Coinbase added Paradex, a 0x protocol dex exchange, to form Coinbase Pro. Ethereum Classic added to Coinbase Pro would put it under 0x’s scrutiny. Being linked to I0coin is obvious to me, and even the logo’s for the 0x protocol and “zerocoin” itself is no mistake. It is a subtle hint for you to buy I0C, the Index: 0 coin of the most valuable digital assets on Earth — for pennies. After Coinbase breaks the news, the coin will definitely be reflected in that of its Index Fund. So does I0Coin get you a Coinbase Index fund share? Maybe. I think 42 million fully minted coins (I0C + IXC because both are Index: 0) may already reside at Coinbase — the amount of coins that are owned by the public. Still, all these coins whether in your wallet or the 0x00 wallet may be protected from being stolen by Coinbase — which has never been hacked.

Read more about Nullex and its Zerocoin Protocol use for generating “new coins” in my previous entries. This probably explains what Devcoin is doing currently, but eventually how privacy will be protected in the future. Your 42 million Zerocoins (I0C + IXC) will remain somewhere in the untraceable space between the dex internet and centralized internet. They are like Blockstream’s concept of a “two-way peg sidechain” which has been proposed as a Bitcoin scaling solution.

These two protocols will be reflected to restructure the entire blockchain with a root of I0C and IXC plus their attachment to Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. That is an obvious way to give anyone Index Fund exposure to crypto. All value should be reflected in your I0C and IXC once this occurs as well.

The news may come out that a state reorganization took place due to a 51% attack. The truth would be nice, but this type of news cycle would fit with all of the moves I previously explained today. The elaborate plan began at coinbase, from the generation of new coins, and ends at Coinbase — the exchange. Very interesting developments — but you can see how it was all planned.

Step 6: Reveal Truth of Ancient Index Coins I0Coin and Ixcoin (I hope)

The truth may anger I0C and IXC holders, or previous holders because their coins are likely already in use as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoins, ERC20’s, etc. The open source code is there for all to see. You do not have to take the news outlets seriously. All decisions come down to you on what is real and what is fake or misleading. The security of the blockchain has been protected by minting 99.99% of these Index coins quietly — essentially in it’s own shadow — while Bitcoin and Ethereum get all the glory. Ethereum Classic is the final link in the chain for the full function of the fully scalable Bitcoin/ETH blockchain of the future. Truth should come out with Coinbase’s Index Fund. I believe at the moment people who know the truth about these Index coins are being allowed to invest for a high price because they know the immense value that will take place upon release of the truth to the public. I have provided plenty of explanations here for the public to read up on — but we now have proof of where Newly Generated Bitcoins come from. We know the root, index (0), source of all valuable cryptos.

If you want to see the truth reflected in your I0Coin and Ixcoin worth, put the pressure on Coinbase to out the truth.

An interesting future awaits.

Assuming I am on to something if cryptos main social outlet, Twitter, is suspending my account. All I do is tweet the truth. I write each tweet without copy and pasting. No spam here. Enjoy!

Update: Twitter has officially booted me from existence. My life > Twitter. If you knew me you’d just realize how much of a rise this gives me. Can’t censor my work. Now, if Medium decided to boot me that’d be another story… But I know my theories are correct for the most part if tweeting about them gets me banned. :)

So, When Moon?

Long story, but Segwit2x never officially forked.

This is the code for the Segwit2x fork. The block where Segwit2x was supposed to fork never happened because it was rejected. I told you anything rejected or allowed to persist by error is allowed to persist until a state reorganization is triggered. It looks like BITCOIN developers are waiting until BTC block 528750 — to sync up with the most exposure during the World Cup 2018. We’re about 1,000 blocks away. What does a Segwit fork have to do with state reorganization? Remember the “51% attack” myth being pressed on and on by Bitcoin state media? Yeah, fake news, but they wrote extensively about it on one of my favorite fake news outlets (Coindesk) last fall when this fork was supposed to happen. And no, it didn’t happen in late December either.

Scare tactics. But this is how it will go down.

State reorganization is coming. Planned to make Bitcoin come out as a bigger, better, and stronger blockchain. Yet, the devs could just put this in motion organically without the fake news and I think the world would accept it just as much once they realize the truth. Sigh.

Read further:

I do this for the public awareness and adoption initiative. I love crypto and I think knowing the truth will lead to a positive environment for crypto enthusiasts in the future. I do not beg for your donation, or write for that purpose — but if I turned you onto something valuable or you are an insider who appreciates the research done on my entries — send me some appreciation in the mean time.

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