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Daniel R. Treccia
3 min readSep 19, 2022


I collect based on research, archival digging, learning and not assuming, finding places like this because I will go to any length or use Rosetta Stone to acquire assets from a protocol that is truly full of talent and decentralized from centralized fiat rich overlords. There is opportunity with patience in all my projects I invest and even dev with over the last 6 years. This place is one of my favorites!

Please support my first art project by buying 2 tokens from this dispenser and then receive 6 separate MEMESTOCK themed PEPEs, #1 BBUSTERPEPE is already being distributed to faucet participants. A metaverse gallery will be built on near the end of the project and a website featuring the work, the story, the process, and the artists will be featured at Each subsequent art project will do the same but experiment with different chains for Web3 that can have a virtual gallery, a parent site linking it as a “wing” that also links to the wing which is where you enter the VR metaverse gallery for the first project and likewise for each additional project wing. The first type of 6 different chains, 6 different domains, 6 different VR metaverse galleries for browsing, all indexed in a Galleria domain that will be hosted supported and kept open as a landmark project — the first of its kind as we enter the next Web and immersive VR experiences.

BBUSTERPEPE has already distributed 37 assets in 48 hours!

Please join. The minute I see a dispenser purchase for INDIAMRBEAN — I send the 2 BBUSTERPEPE as we are still in distribution of piece #1 of a 6 separate artist with different themed MEME STOCKS and PEPES for this project. Thanks!

The 2 tokens that get you access to free drops of 12 of my featured collection tokens, with 6 different themes, see below description from the JSON in my BBUSTERPEPE Counterparty/Bitcoin 100 locked supply being issued right now. Only 19 left for the dispenser. 50 kept for giveaways, market making, outside auctions, open sea, all things to raise the $ of your free PEPES.

A quick non-planned mock test of the metaverse platform I found more than perfect for the virtual gallery of this project that will enhance its long term viewership and value per NFT you own:

You can see four Counterparty assets from my P2PKH 1-prefixed legacy pubkey that the metaverse asks for to allow you to display and hang your NFT art without entering private keys or wrapping to an EVM!

Once the distribution is done a metaverse gallery will be built with display of Counterparty assets from this project as well as videos about the projects development, purpose, mission, and method of distribution. Monaparty assets are my next goal for a gallery with VR and full 3D immersion for enjoyable viewing. These will also boost the value of each successive project and you basically get free NFT of each type x2 for buying the $7 dispenser NFT to enter my founding patrons of my keystone art project in the metaverse, you also help pay the artists I hire.

The GameStop PEPE is next (GMEPEPE) and being done by — a professional frog artist :)

Please hit the faucet asap. It will be worth the NFT distribution and long term value from the metaverse built to house it. We are early and this is a unique idea — those always do well if done carefully. Hiring skilled artists is going to be the plan from here out. I’m happy the next one will be featuring a true pepe professional NFT artist!

My Monaparty portfolio/assets on Monacard:

#1 and on Counterparty as well. Value potential = Infinite.



Daniel R. Treccia

Daniel authored two books, one on baseball statistics after a career in pro-baseball and next about how he survived a rare fungal disease + lung removal at 27.