Community organizing my thoughts on what makes us uniquely American

Not all baroni were abolished, nor understood in rank, we’re simply out of order

3/18/2021: This article is speculation but an attempt to relate to someone entirely different that people in my circles reject but I have found some seriously cool ties too. And I hope that the message of accepting people you ignorantly rejected at a younger age is OKAY. In fact, it is what will heal and bring us tighter together for a better future.

Note: I incorrectly dated “1969” a few times meaning 1961. If you see 1969 it means 1961. Also I don’t have to explain further on my title or specifically say so but I will say I know more than I humbly release to you today. And without anger or desire to get back at people who I have moved past already.

History has proven that sometimes it has to catch up to us humans, if not precede us at the same time. The phrase “history repeats itself” is no lie. Neither is the way in which we coin a phrase, or even a term. How it translates into every language is a complex process I will attempt to cover later on. Just know that everything in this world has a value and we’re in the process of trying to account for that. A human is born, but the birth certificate is delayed. My very own birth certificate was not produced until six days after my birth because it was done in Cook County, Illinois. What if a birth certificate from another jurisdiction took far longer? What would the person be able to legally do in the mean time? In my case, the first six days of my life didn’t have a recorded birth certificate, but I was able to live in the United States of America within its jurisdiction and consume everything a living infant consumes. I made waste every infant makes. I was doing it all for six days without a record of my birth just like any other human being. The hospital, however, made record of my birth. That is for certain. Not as it was being done but right after. Time is money.

But in that same sense, what is money? Or Money proper? I suppose if something was named “Money” it would be different. Just like my last name in Italian “treccia” is a noun but with no clear origin. My surname has no definition. I have found some family connections, so it is a surname but not in a public sense at the moment. Probably as goofy sounding of a name as Obama was in this “New World” we live in. I’m sure there’s a reason for all the linguistics. But I’ve given a very clear connection between English words, American surnames/Hawaiian-African and Italian “surnames” with little living examples, surely fewer before the public came to be aware of Barack Obama or his father.

I think that as humans we all forget how the system got this way, or we never really truly knew more likely. Those who know the complete truth aren’t malicious in my best opinion/hypothetically shaped opinion. It’s through the release of information by the powerful I’ve been able to decode and realize that so it is a gift and also much like a young Obama had to organize and write about his father he barely knew — even if it was fiction — it would be human written and a story my real life relates too. I would wonder where Treccia’s came from via my paternal side. My grandfather, a WW2 vet died in 2016. I didn’t think in my youth to ask him such deep questions nor did I feel it necessary. I think only later in life we reach for that kind of understanding, if we need it. For me I definitely had to figure out things that make sense of the current world because so many people joined my frustration and pain with the onset of COVID-19. But so many were suffering before, mentally driven to either side of the political spectrum. I started out trying to find friends. Like Barack, I am not trying to be a king. He proved that when he left office. I think I proved that to myself by never having such thoughts in a modest, but very fortunate upbringing with heavy challenges in my adult years. But I am still here and I can be happy for that. I think what pushed me here to this point in such different ways only to accept the polar opposite of who I was told to like is a blessing. It’s not all that come to see and realize the things I will attempt to explain. It’s like peeling an onion in every possible way to know at the end what you will find is the same kind of core elements.

It’s an answer in itself and a mystery. But you collectively accept all angles that lead to becoming an “American” citizen.

Wiktionary (Definition of Money) — Flag Day Thoughts

For those wondering all definitions of the noun “money” come in English. There is a variety of paths you may go from there — even to the capital “M” “Money” linked at the top of the entry for “money” above the Contents section (as in Money — as in a Proper noun in English).

You can view it all on one page here and see that there are a narrower range definitions and “Contents” of Proper nouns in English than nouns (for “money”). The category of “Villages in the United States” will be the subject of a deeper comparison and contrasting of the term “Village” in structure and organization of the “50 U.S. states” as well as the term “community” as it applies in Mississippi/Hawaii (unincoporated and incorporated areas of the current State of Hawaii — extant since 1959 we are told, but with many unincorporated areas — even the area within what is known as Honolulu). I will also compare community to Illinois, “Village” in Illinois as well as Chicago, and trace along similar paths of mine and Barack Obama’s on his rise to legitimacy in the White House. After all, we are told he was a “community organizer” in Chicago’s specific south side neighborhoods (there are 77 as of today). Much information to digest here.

Money.. Not just a surname either, but in the second definition “a communityin Mississippi. The very place opposite to anything you’d think Hawaiian, or even in a sense — Obama. At the moment the Mississippi state flag is in the news in an American Civil War and Civil Rights Era sense (of matters remnant and presently unresolved).

Slyly the word incorporate is used here.

In Hawaii, a similar lingering curiosity is why it uses the “Union Flag (alt. Union Jack)” of the United Kingdom in its own “canton” — albeit at different proportions that the Confederate Flag “canton” in the Civil and state flag of Mississippi. This is the same flag of the Hawaiian Kingdom (after it was reorganized in the Victorian era by the United Kingdom and received a flag in 1845. This flag now is attached to the 1795 original Hawaiian Kingdom even though it did not yet exist and is the present 2020 flag of the U.S. state). As the Flag of Mississippi is currently its Civil and state flag, we will just note this is the Flag of Hawaii, also its current Civil and state flag. Both flags are the only to carry a flag of another in its canton considered foreign or confederate. The differences between the two flags we should discuss later.

Many Origins and changes, now one adopted flag from 1845 is accepted as the flag from the foundation of the Hawaiian Kingdom (historically began 1795) and the present U.S. state “Hawaii” which has officially made English and Hawaiian languages official state languages. Thus in Hawaiian the name would be “Hawai’i” although that is another standardization we must go further into as the original name was not spelled, but spoken and recorded by Great Britian’s James Cook, even though he was not the first to spot the Island of Hawai’i, or the Hawaiian Islands himself.

We must wind this all back to the point. Money. What is this Proper noun version completely separate from the term “money” that led us down this path? Well, that is unknown or at least ambiguous right now. It’s currently a variety of things. Apparently, Money is a Proper noun, twice defined, the second “2.” defined as a “community” in Mississippi — a state with a flag (both civil and state) that incorporates the Confederate battle flag within its “canton” (square in a 2:3 proportioned flag). Just as unincorporated could in a larger sense mean (unrecognized or left out) I suppose we should look at the current historical status of the Confederate battle flag via the Confederate States of America (using Wikipedia as source to remain consistent):

Source: The “Flag” (1861–1863) would not be as recognizable as the “Confederate battle flag” in the Mississippi (civil and state flag) canton today.

Without going through the phases of Confederate “flags” and the differences in legitimacy or battle flags etc. Let’s spend one second realizing that the term “unrecognized republic” has largely to do with the fact that they didn’t win the war over the Union states. What also began as an unrecognized movement and was never defined legally as a “Republic” was the United States of America (colonies that won independence and formed states).

The map that came from “Confederate States of America (link “unrecognized republic”) went to the the map from data via the United Nations. The United Nations apparently being the idea and charter from the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He died before the ratification. Who took his place at the conference that went through with it in San Francisco is a mystery to me.

A good map, but where would be the Confederate States of America? This map shows that apparently the only unrecognized (Republic or not) “states” are within a specific area, including none in the Western Hemisphere as currently defined globally. I find that odd and telling. The United Nations is the premier current place where public understanding of international law comes from. So if annexing is illegal, its not showing Hawaii as disputed by any state (member or non-member).

Barry was a nickname Barack Obama had used in his youth, or been given by stories of his rise found in the Washington Post from 2008 before he became President of the United States Barack Obama. It is intriguing that the User:Barry Kent doesn’t have a page on Wikipedia and also amusing because one could take that as a mashup of bank names, nicknames, and other commonalities between Barack’s path and my own in a way I only collectively understand and in a way too crazy or long to properly define. The humility of being human and left in the dark is you appreciate both the people that took on monumental objectives (assisted or not/known or not) by a guy like Barack Obama as much as you appreciate the path that your father forged successfully that he’d slap you in the present for trying to show him. I mean that in a joking context. I think my father has been very busy transacting and signing documents his life to feed me and sustain a family to have time for deeper recollecting. Either way, monumental achievements come with a lot of weight whether realized on the path there or assisted unknowingly only to later be realized. So we should also at the same time realize in humanizing someone as “Barry” he had a life to fulfill a great weight. I’m sure if I knew that growing up it would’ve prevented me from getting to a place where I believe it is not any humans right to reign over people. All men and women are created equally.

Equally, all human beings are prone to messing up. It is no longer a part of my mindset to crusade against any one human being because it is only research and realization that liberates the mind. Patience for time to take its course is where I’m at. If I was every one to inherit such power I’d make sure it was distributed to all those in need because I never thought it to be a part of my future solution. I know I can make it in this world in a way honest to what has always been my mindset subconsciously and really, consciously since 2019 when I started to realize and detest anything of materialistic desire. Not that materialistic culture is immoral, but it was distracting me from my heart. The only reason I ever desired materialistic wealth was because I wanted to escape mentally from bad environments, but have been glad to stick out so as to see how to fix them and raise up the people dear to me (that aren’t always fair or even good to me — but they haven’t mortally wounded me either so why give up?). So I’m more focused when I’m poor and do not have any want of materialistic wealth. Interesting to say I could live on very little. If I had a voice, as Barack achieved by ~34–38 years old (right on time for that 35+ requirement for POTUS), I’m sure that I’d have needed the materialistic wealth on the side to be heard and legitimized by a society that can’t see past materialism. I don’t discredit him for being wealthy. If it was part of the public persona, that persona leads to greater intellectual understanding, unity, and is a lesson that will be taken as truth in retrospect. No jealousy or envy there. Most important, no judgement of the successful or aided. It’s not like Barack grew up in a home in Martha’s Vinyard or Trump Tower. All the same, we have Presidents who are diverse, polar opposites, that end up being similar in social relevance and status during and after. Very intriguing and an example of cross-class association between influential. Barry has taught me much in his path.

Who Are We to Judge?

Mortal sins (persecution and death) at the time of the bible’s writing sure didn’t prevent Saul from becoming Paul the Apostle. Not one person has the right to murder any other person by choice of their own. However, my opinion differs. If they were drafted and order to “murder” in order to liberate innocence from a bigger “murder” like Hitler, etc. then it is not any fault of their own. Perhaps that’s why many World War 2 veterans don’t discuss their time overseas. At least my grandfather. I know he was a good man by the life I have been told and lived through. He was my godfather and he not once gloated about killing another person in war nor had a racist bone in his body. I can only assume Barack’s maternal grandfather, and a World War 2 veteran was of the same stock and character. It seems like that entire class was beyond every definition of character — as a collective a greater class of human beings is yet to be realized. Even so, I can only assume that we have something to learn about those who had a public image as well — yet, as for 34+ years lived a pretty private and not publicly well known in real-time type life. If you can see the humanity in those who have publicly been scrutinized and said things both against your beliefs at a time to only realize the role that person played in patching up what was wrong with the United States, only to make it completely unified in a way all can rationalize — you’re doing a good job in my opinion. There’s been a lot of self-admission and naked truth moments I had to have with myself and admit to at least my friends in the mean time to get here. Again, in the humblest and blunt sense, I have always had confidence to get me through challenges and doubt, and in no way have I yet achieved anything as monumental as Barack Obama. But I do see the good in him and have every reason for “Hope” in the future.

Unrecognized republic or state — in the modern day a state can be a person in international law. Or even part of a unrecognized geographical country, territory, claimed part of a geopolitical boundry as seen in the “Western Sahara” region (orange). Things yet to make sense or be embodied by a person.

Geopolitical boundaries and the status of the government enforcing them or controlling them are disputed far and wide. According to the United Nations data as well as international law, there is only a theory of requirements (see above). Countries also have shifted and formed, developed, and even fallen since if you look at geopolitical movement and territories. By my own knowledge the UN is not ratified properly in a current sense as governments ratifying it since became the “Soviet Union” who there was a “Cold War” with and a “fall of” since that changed it into many different “Republics” unrecognized as well as recognized. Another 1945–46 government in exile that ratified the United Nations is now known as the Republic of China (ROC), and it is better known as the government centered on the island of Taiwan. So when we come to see that these governments have moved and un-recognition of various states by the UN exists, we can also see the varying of opinions in “international law” on annexing might also be misunderstood. Organization is out of whack and you have to have a heart and open mind to look for solutions to find the flaws for future solutions. You have to be a bit crazy to try and explain it. Perhaps as it relates to international law we have yet to backdate certain loose ends as legal or recognize them as legitimate by providing the whole truth and approval of the powers that be.

Everything on this page is to digest and will make sense in time. You can see through the lowered flag of Hawaii. Unlike the civil and stage “Flag of Mississippi” — that flag is said to be the same on both sides of the mast (flagpole). In other words, it is not see through on the reverse side of its obverse.

The United Kingdom had occupied the territory of the Hawaiian Kingdom, so the occupation and adoption of the current Flag of Hawaii may include the Union Flag (Union Jack) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (same flag as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland — since 1800/1801) may have been beneficial beyond anyone’s knowledge. Then organized and helped by the British that came their way, the Hawaiian Kingdom clearly had recognized that non-hostile occupation on its road to annexation by the United States. At the time of birth, the later realized Kenyan economist, the Mr. Barack H. Obama in 1961 of the announced Mrs. and Mr. Barack H. Obama, was from a country in the British Empire, a “Protectorate and Colony” of Kenya, in its own right not telling the full truth. But there is a bookmark for the importance of a person living under the protection of the British Empire, and possibly a link through Africa back to the United Kingdom occupation from 1840–1845 in the Victorian era. Laws of the Queen’s status as a corporation sole as well as a private person and the similar adjustment and abstraction/restructuring has turned what was once the British Empire into a unified collection of the United Kingdom’s home countries and Commonwealth realms — some achieving a far greater degree of complete sovereignty as well as some remaining under the Queen and Kingdom’s rule, but mostly granting her the right to be their Queen of _______ (country name). It’s all controlled and no one seems to dispute it. She carry’s the burden of structure and being a central element of things yet to be realized in this world.

It wouldn’t be hard to say that the link to solving the international law and structure of an entity or state as a “person” would be less theoretical if the records within the City of London Corporation and its square mile (1.12 sq mi) space was made public. But private and offshore banking and transfer of wealth have indirectly or even less understood — aided — the unincorporated territories of annexed states as well as non-annexed states achieve a very desirable quality of life based on health services without the burden of large taxes. Money is definitely globalized, but the gaps remain to be filled that would provide a clear definition of money as being a “person” as a state is still disputed (unrecongized) as well as fully intelligible in international law.

Much has yet to be fixed in “International law” but likely by design and release of truth for the first time on such a scale that would make sense and be accepted by humans of all nation states, as well as seeing some people as a state.

The Process of State Building and Organization of Communities

Is basically an on-going process. So why assume it happens instantly or that longer processes we think are defined in their nature are at a conclusion? Information has never transferred openly and freely fast enough to make anything legitimate to the entire worlds view at once. Sometimes news of an overseas treaty is said to have occurred to end the war before both sides fighting got news of it and stopped battling or conquering. A good example is the War of 1812 and the Battle of New Orleans. Everything was eventually reverted to as if the War of 1812 never happened. Most likely because the War of 1812 is not something most families attested to by passing down primary source accounts to their children and thus, to you. I know my family tree only dates back to what I know about my grandparents over 100 years from 1812. I am sure many of you can relate. This is a process of organization.

Geopolitical legal terms confuse the hell out of people. It is in that very sense that a whole faction of Americans were led to believe Barack Obama had no right to enter the office of president. Not because they were well briefed on the subject either. The News told most Americans via it’s usually factional mouthpieces to jump on this anti-American citizenship ride to oppose an Obama presidency, then the Obama presidency. All culminating to the birther movement response in 2011–2012, also in response to a challenge to see the birth certificate from Donald J. Trump (his successor). This was likely the starting point that both will admit to knowing in my opinion only to serve as a way to legally influence people to indirectly vote him in as the next president in the popular vote. By that point setting up the next president could be seen as a mutual ground for two people but also serving a positive real life situation that all can accept so as to say they didn’t do anything illegal by making you believe them. Also if you used that information to look deeper and become more understanding of money, financial globalization, as well as common ground — you benefited off that script. I personally would take that type of behind the scenes work on a positive note of human cooperation and achievement. Nothing but unity could come from such a story.

Unincorporated Area/Community

Specifically, to “Honolulu” what do we know about the birthplace? We find that “Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.” (taken as a whole, if you click the birthplace in the infobox on Barack Obama’s wiki page under “Personal details”) is the unincorporated part of “Honolulu” but no what parts. We just know that Barack Obama’s own Wikipedia page claims that it is unincorporated. Now, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t once incorporated at the time of Barack’s birth. Nor does it mean that he isn’t American. Plenty of American’s live in unincorporated communities. We just aren’t used to American’s being born in the realms of unincorporated areas or later being part of a “consolidated city-county” as Honolulu (with its unincorporated part known as Honolulu, Hawaii) and Honolulu County are now, perhaps not being realized even in real time. It’s organized backwards in a way that doesn’t full make sense but I can relate to places I was born and lived since 1988. The current definition of Honolulu, and thus “Honolulu, Hawaii”(, U.S.) from Barack Obama’s city of birth, we see that possibility that the city which one is born into can be uniquely structured, progressively changing throughout one’s life, and all the same have always been called Honolulu, Hawaii regardless of its county or municipal structure.

The exact place in “Honolulu, Hawaii” exists on donated land from a Queen of the Hawaiian Kingdom. It was also previously partially named for a native family named after a native of partial Corsican descent (which is the place of Napoleone Buonaparte — by 1796 Napoleon Bonaparte, signing his marriage certificate Bonaparte according to his wikipedia page — to remain consistent). So after all of that it wouldn’t surprise you the namesake of this institution as it went along was in honor of a woman of Corsican descent with “Napoleon” in her full name. Like Napoleon and the father who changed his first name from Baraka to Barack before marriage, the hospital has changed names many times.

The facility was founded by Queen Kapiʻolani as the Kapiʻolani Maternity Home in 1890 for which she held bazaars and luaus to raise $8,000 needed to start the Home. It has since changed its name several times. Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital opened in 1909 named for Emma Kauikeōlani Napoleon Mahelona (1862–1931), the wife of Albert Spencer Wilcox (1844–1919).[1] In 1978, it merged with Kapiʻolani Hospital to become Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children.[2][3][4]

More importantly many of the changes Napoleon made has been adopted in the European formation of municipal structure since 1814–1816. The Italian Republic is a place where much of this change occurred and the Italian Republic is informally mentioned as the “State” in reference to the organization of its regional, provincial, and comune structure. That’s only the English words used. In “Italian” I am sure it is different (a Romance language like French — both yet to be official languages in international law or correctly translated to English words). My name being an example. “Treccia” has no definition as an English proper noun and “treccia” in Italian has no confirmed origin per wiktionary if you care too look at it. In corporate law, if a site exists on legitimate native land and is changed many times in structure and name, and absorption of other institutions or networked with certain colleges of the state system over time, etc. — it is never challenged in legitimacy. All these deals private or public will one day have a common and lawful definition. The problem lies in the nature of “chartered” institutions. The “lost charter” is a mere excuse that cannot be answered of the source of who had the authority to authorize and incorporate a land or person “state” at once point in time? Who really knows?

The beginning point for the absorbed place of birth for Barack Obama, future POTUS in 1961 is yet to be realized or defined. It also claims to be opened in 1978 (thus being something 17 years older than Barack Obama’s former place of birth, but on the same grounds).

In 1884, Princess Kekaulike died and willed her home, Ululani, as the site of a proposed maternity home to help Hawaiian mothers.

I would take that to mean the native Princess had political will for the Queen who set up the Maternity home in 1890.

Three specific name changes are noted in the contents, including one that was named for (1/4) of the person named Emma Kauikeōlani Napoleon Mahelona:

My own hospital has done pretty much the same thing but remained founded/opened in 1897 and never changed even though it has moved to different sites, changed names, and merged with other institutions.

We will take this to be legitimate in that the name of the hospital is not any of the three accepted names of its evolution. However, the name changing does not make the person. I could change my name to Tom Smith and still have the rights of Daniel Ralph Treccia if I did it legally in real time. I suppose we must take into consideration that the name of the institution doesn’t matter in retrospect because its part of the process. It’s timeline checks out. The copy being certified and signed (stamped many times) on “APR 25 2011” by a Ph.D. member of the STATE REGISTRAR is telling. Perhaps the “doctor” that delivers one at a point in time has changed with the ability of an expert, or “Ph.D.” non-medical doctor, but scholar working for the state has a lot to say about how good people are at discovering counterfeits. I have no idea who Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D. is but the name will probably lead to a program where he received his Ph.D. and make sense almost like a signature on a smart contract to enact at a certain time in the future with legitimate purpose and approval. However, apparently this is Alvin T. Onaka:

You can see the verification does not have signature of, or a Wikipedia page for the doctor that according to Alvin T. Onaka’s wiki page, helped him verify the Barack Obama birth certificate above. Another example of “red ink” likened to “User:Barry Kent” and also a sign of entries once valid, perhaps with a page, deleted, for whatever purpose to leave a trail of what is to come or what once was. It is likely that wikipedia becomes auto editing and self-fulfilling like a smart contract. So I am not surprised.

Realtime Releases Into the “Public Domain”

Before I get into Barack Obama’s birth lets be fair and discuss my own story of birth, from the original institution to receiving my birth certificate.

The hospital I was born in wasn’t the first of its kind either. It moved from one building to another building, from one jurisdiction to another. All within the United States, all within Cook County (or as my birth certificate says County of Cook):

The hospital originally opened in 1897 as Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess Hospital,[3] with 25 beds.[8] The hospital operated in rented building located at Artesian Avenue and LeMoyne Street in the Humboldt Park neighborhood for five years.[9][10] In 1902, a new building was constructed at Haddon Avenue and Leavitt Street.[9] Lutheran Deaconess Hospital grew at this location, with the addition of medical wings, including a 215-bed west wing, and a nursing school. In 1969, with an excess of hospital services within walking distance, Lutheran Deaconess Hospital closed. Operations and staff were transitioned to the newly established Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge.

In a historical sense the hospital I was born in is the continuation of the original from 1897. Since then its made a number of changes in structure, branches, and location but it is still the continuation of the original that opened, but legally not established. Those two terms are not to be forgotten. Legally speaking, the terms matter. We can use this example of record of my birth and the institution it happened in as a legal process. The institution I was born in wasn’t established until 1969. Before that; however, it had opened in 1897 and done some expanding and building in other areas. There was a delay and a change of location in becoming the currently established institution, just as in the eyes of the government of Cook County — I came into being six days before the birth certificate established record of my birth. I remind you that the term “wiki” as in Wikipedia comes from a Hawaiian term “wiki wiki” meaning “very fast” and it has all sorts of subdomains for languages. But always check the source. If I check the source of the information I quoted above about my hospitals origin, you will see is comes from the link to the record of what the hospital’s website further described about its origins and at a certain date denoted by the “wayback machine” tool bar that allows you to see the changes at certain times at that web address. It is a form of archiving and record keeping that would allow one to time travel in a sense, to see when things legally happened and if the current website was lying (forging) a narrative or record that was not true. Take a look:

Here is a screen shot of a different narrative. I will note that my birth certificate also wasn’t printed into my possession until 1995 after my hospital had merged. The merger of the two hospitals that occurred when I was 6 years old going on 7 happened in between the time of my birth, record noted on my birth certificate, and printing of my own birth certificate for my possession, all dates noted in Month, Day Year format on my birth certificate. It is also noted that this production of my birth certificate was a copy of the original which the county keeps.

So a difference exists between the “en” subdomain “wiki” (half a Hawaiian term)-pedia (almost a suffix but also to make a name “Wikipedia” and a .org domain with a page /wiki and another page /(hospital current name) and the source where the information came from, source [3] which leads to the story of the hospital I was born in and its origin. All this proves is this: History occurred around my birth and birth institution that made me legally hold rights in the United States by the time I received publication of a copy of my birth certificate. And before that the government ledger in Cook County didn’t acknowledge my birth for six days. The information surrounding my birth I can attribute to my parents personal record and the pre-merger institution I was born in on April 12, 1988. Legal history caught up to me. I opened my life like the institution I was born in only to be established legally after and have my own copy of it after a merger that took place that only the archive notes — not the wiki. Different places have different records that we can publicly access. However it takes time to produce records. Human nature occurs faster than that. What I am saying is I have lived like an American and U.S. citizen from birth only to realize the delay in accounting matters in how we perceive our rights and the value of our existence. The book keeping happens in many ways.

If I am fair to birther conspiracies, I can look back and say the institution only continued the legacy of something older, but in the same sense it isn’t organized correctly in a way that makes sense that I was living from the beginning legally in a way I could prove. Could I prove outside my parents own story that I was legally born from 1988 to 1995? Would that even come up? Absolutely not.

The point is, it’s about when you reach a level of importance large enough that people in the media will be given a platform to question it, and by design people will agree and jump onboard without ever going this deep into realizing the path we all one day will rationalize and some of us will share on our way to becoming “American” citizens.

Barack’s Path of Released Information

Though told at 34 years-old that Barack Obama became a public figure, who all remembers this interview? Thank God for YouTube.

If we think of 1995 as the year everyone in the United States let alone the entire world knew about Barack Obama we would be lying. Thinking rationally an even smaller group would have seen the 1961 “Hawaii Advertiser” clipping of seeing Mrs. and Mr. Barack H. Obama had a “son” and resided at the address matching the long form birth certificate as the residence of the mother — without any postal address which makes all too much sense, as well as with “Highway” written in full, and no registered name as an Obama even though she signed with a full (4 part) name with the last part being “Obama” (a reminder than Napoleon signed his marriage in 1796 at age 27 as Bonaparte, and not Buonaparte, which is the first evidence of his name change to a name that eventually was once part of the inspiration’s name for (1/4) of the medical center in which Barack Obama was born).

Only needing a parent to sign, “Stanley Ann Dunham Obama” is clear as day in “18a” as signature as well as a part of Barack Hussein Obama’s name we are not familiar seeing as part of his “LAST NAME” Obama, II.

We only know from the advertiser clip that the address was wear the couple and their son were living as of 6 days from his birth (and that is if we trust Wikipedia’s file upload that the file was in the public domain as of 1989–90 electroically, is no longer in the database, but is factually from 13 August 1961 — and even then, that’s the British way of dating DD Month YYYY that is present all over Wikipedia and entries about European people and institutions, etc. See here:

If we assume the two were living at the maternal grandparents house, who Barack Obama, “Barry Obama” lived with as a teenager per the previously discussed Washington Post article from August 2008, then perhaps that house, gated and since Barack grew up became part of the Consolidated city-county of Honolulu,Hawaii and Honolulu County then it would now have a postal address for reasons of progressive development and incorporation into the area that the USPS delivers in. Off the top of my head the USPS was only in existence from the Nixon Administration forward. So to have a postal address as the 18 year old mother would not make much sense to the timeline. Also, it isn’t mentioned whether that house is the house of the father, mother, her parents, or even the YMCA where Barack H. Obama Sr. is said to have lived when he first went to Hawaii on a full scholarship. I will say the value of that house is over $1.1 M USD today and that it is in fact the same address and location on the Kalaianaole Highway or “Kalaiana’ole” Highway or “Hwy.” noted. Whether its been renovated or not is unknown and I don’t care. This is a United States address with a mailbox. Perhaps only since the government let go of the delivery to mailboxes and the USPS took over ~1970–71. Goes a long way to say that the “Queen” and her predecessors of letters patent makes one think Victoria and her penny stamps from the Victorian era. Whatever the case, this was a residence of the parents as announced by the advertiser, but not indicated on the long form birth certificate for anyone besides the mother, because that’s all that needed to be collected at the time as Hawaii was forming. Also now noted, but not then denoted on the birth certificate is a zipcode when using Google:

6085 Kalanianaʻole Hwy

Honolulu, HI 96821

See for yourself:

Then use Zillow to see that this infact is a $1.1 M+ USD house. In fact, it says it was built in 1948 and last remodeled in 1952 (well before Barack Obama’s birth):

I must admit it is not for sale, only a “Zestimate” exists, but it clearly is the house of residence.

Without mentioning the President in this listed OFF MARKET Zillow home we still get a load of information and a “Zestimate” showing the location has increased far beyond the value of what it likely was at the time of Obama, II’s birth as the mothers residence and Mr. Barack H. Obama’s residence with Mrs. as a married couple per the 13 August 1961 Honolulu Advertiser birth announcements.

Let me mention the obvious. Our real estate market is as misunderstood as the value of the people and families that reside in such homes. Or later legality of a marriage or even “citizenship” status gained at a certain time, lost in the future or past, or again reborn later by a declarative or international contractual event. There is a lot left out I cannot prove but even without mentioning the 1961 residence of “Barry Obama” and parents but the current estimated price done by Zillow at over $1,149,041 USD to buy outright is something outrageously peculiar and something most birthers never got deep enough into finding out and even if they did check, no one publicly wrote in a contemplative manner to question it. Nobody mentioned it in the media. It’s peculiar and also indicative of the path kicking back to legitimizing Hawaii. Maybe Barack lifted up Hawaii to be legitimate and internationally recognized as a state or community with his election as well as silenced any objection last heard from natives in the media (a farce production anyhow imo). It’s teaching a lesson of how the state as a person formed the state around his path and his travels. I can only think what this type of midas touch would do for similar communities not only financially, but in a unified understanding of us all being “American” whether from the contiguous states, the 49 continental states, and the only non North American state (Hawaii). Not something I will mention, but there is a subcontinent connecting Russia (Asia) to Alaska (part of “North America” or the Americas — N and South combined). It’s under the “Bering Sea” but it was once proven geologically as a subcontinent above land before glacial melt. That being said, perhaps that’s why Barack Obama had the authority to sign the Paris Climate Accord and championed the cause for the duration of his presidency, in a way yet to be realized. A very clever and smart man, with help, but generous enough to leave pieces of info for you and me to verify ourselves. That is my POV and I cannot prove it but I explained my reasons and that’s good enough for me.

To recap his path from Hospital (a catch all word I am using for all places part of the current day institution and Barack’s birth) as well as the city and property in Hawaii in which he resided with then married and now divorced parents in 1961:

  1. The only public record of Barack Obama’s birth comes via a newspaper clipping where a “son” was born to Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama in 1961. There are 3 pages on using this file as well as one on (4 total places where the file appears on the Wikipedia world sources):

2. Once modified since upload in 2011 to show the blurb about being in the “Public Domain” as of 1989–1990 in an electronic database (entered by a user dated January 8, 2012). This occurred after the April 2011 release of birth certificates. The clipping itself is said to have been released by the newspaper in its 2008 form as a response to the birther challenges on Obama’s 2008 campaign trail:

3. As of 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama were the announced parents at 6085 Kalaianaole Hwy of a “son” per the Honolulu Advertiser (a paper in existence since the Hawaiian Kingdom, 1856 originally, but under many different names as also currently known in a historical sense on its wiki page as The Honolulu Advertiser). There was an additional notice published on the 14th in another paper I haven’t yet tracked. This image is said to have been released in November 2008. There was another statement previously from the hospital staff that neither confirms or denies under federal law, but then the person added their own opinion. Again for you to verify:

So by realizing the U.S. as well as the world as an internationally unfinished product where the person himself can exist as the “state” and in which a way we need to see things developing around special individuals whether presidents #1 or #44 (and 45), we can rationalize the legality and construct of law has both legitimate and illegitimate features. Also what is privately known and publicly realized is much beyond 99% of our comprehension, including my own. I will conclude in alliance with my beliefs that it is up to us to decide what is real and fake and that Barack Obama — in the end — will be seen as American as myself and the rest of us. A way we can all grasp as part of a process to fix time and heal wounds. Or as Barack’s campaign said “FORWARD” as well as to have “HOPE” — we voted for change twice as a country, no one held a gun to our head. Further analysis has shown he has forged a path both American and uniquely American. That’s all I know.

Public Information at Different Stages and Speeds

News under Public image begin with Oprah’s endorsement. Which would’ve had a wide viewership even outside of the Illinois people who knew of the U.S. Senator (likely more than knew of the Illinois Senator, or community organizer and author).

Regardless of Barack’s birth being announced in two 1969 Hawaii newspapers and 1995 book, the “Public image” section from Barack Obama’s wiki page is telling. News likely didn’t reach people en mass of Barack Obama’s existence without the help of first, Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement and the campaign trail conspiracies and media coverage with negative attention and defensive response between cable news channels. This made people align and come out to elect the U.S. Senator who likely had no idea he existed. So the concept of what legitimizes someone’s birth as of 2008 was debated (maybe not concrete), but upon winning election and swearing his oath — maybe becoming president helped consolidate the validity of a Hawaiian birth as well as someone both internationally descended via his immediate parents as well as internationally traveled as he and his mother went off to Indonesia and his mother went elsewhere while he went back to Hawaii to grow up with his mother’s parents, his maternal grandparents from Wichita then residing in Hawaii per the Washington Post article covered from 2008. Long run on sentence, but a trail none-the-less.

What is essential to realize is we didn’t care about his information from birth. We didn’t care to notice his birth citizenship was announced publicly or to demand births be circulated quickly for the general public to view immediately among us all in 1961 so we knew from then on who was American or not by birth. We also didn’t have to demand that in that era as it wasn’t a conflict on American’s minds nor was it time for them to know that it would be a conflict in the future. The technology to transmit that information was not that fast — but it was known at the very least it may get there. And it did, imo, with the evolution still occurring in the World Wide Web as well as blockchain technology. It can be accounted for and realized at a later date that I cannot possibly project. But the release of information and interest if correlated along the life path of Barack Obama would only start showing a blip of interest in 2004–2005 maybe within Illinois to elect a senator as well as a boom in 2008 within the United States after Oprah and cable news legitimacy debates as well as world wide public interest after and onward from becoming a POTUS, #44.

It was by design and legal strategy that we elect Barack Obama legally as voters who indirectly elect presidents through the electoral college (without much resistance honestly). It was also by design we could trace back points where the name Barack Obama did appear publicly, but only little by little, so much so that no one even questioned the relevance of the path.

In other words, who knows who saw this in 1995, or how many book sales were legitimate. I know many sold after he became popular as POTUS, so I cannot knock him. But as for the publisher, its 100% legal that they could have set this up knowing it’d pay off in 2008–2009, etc. No laws against that. Private information can be made behind the scenes legally, but no one realizes that.

None of this matters, nor hinders the legitimacy and American-ness of #44.

The main theory I’ve been construction is that the world evolves around specific people for deep reasons we can only now contemplate, if we really really care, and further more try to explain knowing there will be little audience. My only hope with this theory is it proves to unite us in the future and that perhaps, even if someone reads this and carry’s it into the media with a life of its own as their own theory (a new anchor, someone famous with followers) that it helps unite a population and help them see the best in people they couldn’t previously associate with or identify with as American, for reasons they had not seen.

I do hope that by questioning my own legitimacy without justifying myself in the process is a good example or someone’s ability to come around to acceptance even without confirmed proof of a human’s value to society. I don’t think little of myself either, I may not have expected to inherit anything growing up but I grew up good. I have also dealt with both things I did not deserve to go through and things I did deserve (harmless as far as how I could be judged as many many people make those mistakes). I have taken it as a sign of how to treat people if I ever did have the power and also I have learned to 1. not let opinions bother me, even my aunt’s (in fact no one knows my true suffering and reasoning why I act how I act now) — I have only learned from nature and experience. 2. what I have learned is that sometimes a great burden is placed on people, knowing or unknowingly and the only thing I could hope for is to be a better person with better vales 3. I don’t have to justify my values with a “job that earns money” or even a conventional role in society if I feel I am doing the right thing in my heart. By realizing things far and beyond what I discussed — it’s taken 3 years of governmental and personal road blocks and due diligence to figure out at least a little about the world to get here. Right now I’m in a holding pattern because I’m a bit confused how to progress. Maybe some of you are too after the COVID-19 shut downs. Everything happens for a reason, and I’m truly trying to decide that right now. I won’t look back and ask people for any sort of apology if I’m right and I am humble enough to say that yes, I could be wrong, or I may even be insignificant whereas everyone has more or less had the weird circumstances and life lessons I’ve had only for me to be the first person in my social circles and related social media to write about it all in such a way. But I don’t know anyone that has. I am completely fine with people valuing or critical of my lifestyle because it doesn’t really matter. Have I been upset when I know I’ve been messed with and manipulated? Yes. Have I been mad at knowing my family is moving in lockstep at the extension of my core family to set this up while allowing me to feel like shit about it? Yes. Do I care now? No. I get my own power from within and the time to call me crazy for it has passed. My family stopped calling me out on social media for it. I’m well committed to conveying the truth to people who can’t possibly understand that the media is manipulating them into anger and pain they don’t need. On all sides of the spectrum all it does is help along the goal of whatever all this is for. If I don’t live to see anything come of it, but my words end up being partially correct and realized — I won’t be the first person who didn’t live to see their recognition in writing or public efforts contributing towards the greater good. You ask me to value a job and USD when I know the value of a human being in that scenario without thinking anything of my role other than someone blocked or learning trial by fire with 100x the restrictions of anyone else? I could careless about ever being rich. If this serves to be some sort of Unity in a country ranked low in the Global Peace Index (as of 2019 #128, can’t imagine 2020) — that’d be amazing to me. I don’t think a person’s character is tied to the USD nor fully understood. I don’t want validation, I’ll keep on being who I am until I figure out what to do next. If you have the luxury of time, use it on your own understanding of a confusing world. Share with others to help them see the unity in all sorts of people they don’t identify with. That’s no tree hugger plea there. I believe it in my heart. It’s where manipulation as well as my own mistakes have led me. It’s where unfair treatment by the law took me without really giving a crap about revenge right now, nor throwing my family under the bus at any point. I believe external manipulation causes families to behave like people such as myself. I always tried to play baseball. From my childhood to my 26–27 year old career end, I always wanted to be a baseball player. I never thought or desired to inherit a thing from my father, nor did I think any of that as I figured out his role in society. See the thing is, I still don’t want to say I figured it all out or bother people by trying to convince them how it is. People are tight lipped. Whether you think you know someone at all or you know every detail even from inside the government or realm of controllers on a persons life, you still don’t even know whats in their heart or why the operate that way. But I will tell you this, once they could careless about being “crazy” or judged in anyway by society — they go with their hearts. They build values that are inclusive in ways many have not. And I won’t stop fighting for the value of humanity. I’ve learned to bond with many people and I sure wouldn’t let even family slow me down from that. If I ever was successful, I wouldn’t stop helping others in that role. Getting by on little has made me realize I’m blessed to be able to do so but has also helped me realize its not about the currency value in real time. Just look at the $1.1M estimated value of the Barack Obama household at the time of birth confirmed by 13–14 August 1961 (I don’t need to mention those papers merged by 2010 for you to understand why). Follow the money right Trump? That value is yet to be realized but its not the currency that makes the man and to be honest I’d much rather spend my day becoming educated on how to help people long term that fight day and night for a currency that just isn’t worth it at this stage of inflation. I’m doing a more productive work trying to spread peace through knowledge from Geneva, Illinois all the way across the world and back to the autonomous zone of “cap hill” in Seattle, though I’m sure they’re fine I hope that people watching the media can get what’s going on. ;) It’s not like those autonomous regions and provinces of Italy are under any scrutiny at the moment. So I figured I’d help shine a little truth on it all.

I have nothing to prove to society, friends, nor family. I have gained far more from proving to myself how much I value people and I have learned from a polar opposite of who I expected someone to be but share a similar and unique path from to even call attention to question my own birth. Not thinking about the future all I can say is that I humbly admit to the world I can be wrong and you can too be wrong, so don’t judge people. Especially a public figure. You don’t know how great people can be until you prove to yourself by doing the verification yourself. It took me years. I have nothing to gain from this mindset in that it is to me, most important to know all lives and all paths matter. To be uniquely-American like Barack Obama requires no current success and a lesson that success, with or without aid is still a hard journey that may not launch until you’re 34–38 years old and that’s fine. I can only hope that gaining a new role model will help me figure out where to go from here but I humbly know that when the time comes I will accept the challenge regardless of the dollar value so long as the motive is aimed at something productive for society and not judged to be productive by people.

For your amusement another article to derive legitimacy from (aided by Oprah I’m sure) and who cares?

A win for a President from Illinois and Hawaii, plus time abroad, time in other areas of the world and country before and since POTUS. None of it matters because its a win for people and everyone else with the courage and conviction to identify that the laws are not clear and if you’re self-less enough in the meantime to question the status of your own citizenship and birth — all will be okay at a later date because you’re doing the right thing to not assume things about any one person. That’s the only way we move on from this circus.

“We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side shows and carnival barkers,” said President Obama, during a press conference.


*****To be continued. Will put some wild money and currency thoughts here. Remembering that Hawaii as the Hawaiian Kingdom had not received money until pre-1820’s when they, under British advisors, as a government decided to export their sandalwood for the first time in international trade, also for the first time receiving money on the island — introducing money to the island from “China” which then was the Qing Dynasty or Great Qing regime. They historically used both coin and paper money (with lessons dating back to the Mongol period where according to Marco Polo’s recollection in 13th century Genoa imprisoned at what would become the Casa di San Giorgio and the Banco di San Giorgio (Bank of Saint George in Genoa, a pre-Italian unification city-state within current Italian Republic boundaries).

To be discussed.

Human Trafficking, Succession, Currency, and Private Lives (incomplete will edit soon)

Like an accounting ledger at a bank the debits and credits don’t come in simultaneously, right? That is to say you are using an ATM machine and you take out $20 in cash. Your statement shows a debit of $20. You may call the card you used for the machine your debit card. Are you instantly credited $20 in your checking account or any other account when you make that $20 debit? Of course not. Things simply do not occur in real time at the same time. That means theoretically if humans and history were like book keeping of an account, there are times where a person could be credited to the world’s ledger (birth) and at the same time other people are debited, or extracted from the world’s ledger (death). So when a person dies and is debited from the world accounting books, what in this analogy do I compare to the cash that comes out of the ATM after the (death) debit of my account?

Dead people are on all of our United States of America federal reserve notes and coin (cash)

And there’s all sorts of denominations we forget, which is why I use the $2 bill for my example. There’s also denominations of U.S. currency that are legal by law but that we do not have a coin or note for and we never did for the entire history of its legality.

The United States has never minted a “mill” but

The standard that is still in place today for measurements (denominations) of U.S. currency came from the Coinage Act of 1792, signed into law by the President George Washington. The act was also known in English as the “Mint Act” and like our British friends, this “act” had a long title which in legality makes it translatable to the laws of Parliament and the Westminster system we think we’re completely independent from.

The Coinage Act or the Mint Act, passed by the United States Congress on April 2, 1792, created the United States dollar as the country’s standard unit of money, established the United States Mint, and regulated the coinage of the United States.[1] The long title of the legislation is An act establishing a mint, and regulating the Coins of the United States. This act established the silver dollar as the unit of money in the United States, declared it to be lawful tender, and created a decimal system for U.S. currency.

I look into things that are meaningful.

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