Simple picture explanation, expanding on yesterday’s in-depth post on the topic

READ FIRST — Updated from the Author (3/18/2021):

I’m thrilled that many of you whether bots or not are clapping for this article. REMINDER: I was naive to write this 3 years ago… but I also still believe that Devcoin (DVC) is special for having the exact transactions on its raw blocks as BTC TRANSACTIONS (hint) have for their “newly generated coins” and lastly that Block 0 for Devcoin (DVC) is a carbon copy of BTC Block 0 albeit with a different date, and thus a different tx hash…

The value of crypto going forward is far more than $, it’s the competition that lies ahead of 8 billion people. For all different reasons. Connected as we all are as I write and you read — to the Internet.

Things are not always chronological and that’s what gives us hope

Note: I am just gonna copy and paste since what I wrote is what I wrote. I also want to inform you my earlier medium articles while I remain committed to the assets were written in more naïve days. If you want to stay current with my own learning process follow me on twitter @ mastergrimaldi

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Master Grimaldi, [15.06.21 03:46]
Harold are you in here fudding

Master Grimaldi, [15.06.21 03:46]

Master Grimaldi, [15.06.21 03:47]
It amazes me people don’t just learn about SSL/TLS MIME…

Community organizing my thoughts on what makes us uniquely American

Not all baroni were abolished, nor understood in rank, we’re simply out of order

3/18/2021: This article is speculation but an attempt to relate to someone entirely different that people in my circles reject but I have found some seriously cool ties too. And I hope that the message of accepting people you ignorantly rejected at a younger age is OKAY. In fact, it is what will heal and bring us tighter together for a better future.

Note: I incorrectly dated “1969” a few times meaning 1961. If you see 1969 it means 1961. Also I don’t have to explain further on my title…

The lightning MACINTOSH network and why future 1984 won’t be like 1984 🌐

The networking and publishing revolution that nobody yet grasps. I will discuss the printer at length later.

I would like to open this published story with a quote from the man who envisioned how it would play out:

It’s 1958,” he began. “IBM passes up the chance to buy a young, fledgling company that has just invented a new technology called xerography⁴³. Two years later, Xerox is born, and IBM has been kicking itself ever since.”¹

Steve Jobs knew and lived the future almost as well as he retold the past. I started with a quote from Jobs in a first-person account on David…

Deep dive into why this “dot-com bubble” company stock ( is a stronger buy in 2019 than it was 21 years ago when it made IPO history. recalls that TGLO trading began on “02 Nov ‘98” at 17.500000 (what we assume to be USD) — 11 days before the historic IPO that was documented on Nov 13, 1998 in many places. If privately held as of November 2, 1998 — why is there trading data for TGLO at all? Let’s find out…

Wikipedia begins its entry for with information that is commonly known among those familiar with the dot-com bubble marriages of Silicon Valley, tech entrepreneurs, and Wall Street banks: made headlines by going public on November 13, 1998 and posting the largest first day gain of any IPO in history up to that date (Wikipedia)

The reference for the information above appears on Wikipedia as reference/footnote [2]. It links externally from Wikipedia…


Thanks Sakurambo, wherever you are.

The beautiful thing about the web is that I was able to get to this point before an event of this magnitude was going to take place, publicly, at least. Then again, since you are reading this entry, I assume you already know that these things have taken place, for the most part, publicly. That being said, I will first thank those of you that did this and worked on the Open Source Initiative in order to make this all happen. You have done a wonderful thing for people by being transparent…

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